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Betty - Recycled cassette on RRRecords, USA - 2 UK / 3 WORLD or trade
Around 2003 I began experimenting with producing noise music.  I had just started my second attempt at university, I had no money and no background in recording or producing music (being a classically trained cellist).  I had fallen out quite dramatically with my previous housemates so, relieved to be living somewhere with a locking door, had plenty of time on my hands.
I used a 4-track, microphone, a broken tape player that I had had for years and made ungodly noises (also had variable speeds), radio, pots and pans, metal coathangers, junk found in the street.  Some of these works are documented in early BTR releases, most are long gone.
'Betty' is deliberately obscure, self-consciously bad name.  I liked that some people found it creepy and others funny, which seemed appropriate enough.
Eventually I saved up my money and bought contact mics, pedals etc. and, having traded manically for several years, became jaded, cynical and self-aware about my limitations as an artist (and as a human being).  The more equipment I used, the more I sounded like (an imitation of) every other noise artist.  My activities began winding down in 2007 through 2009, releasing only occasionally though I still played a lot for my own enjoyment.  There didn't seem much point in releasing my amateurish noise in an over-saturated market, dominated by people who could afford much cooler toys than me.  What I did release had very personal reasons, documenting a specific time of my life and feeling.  Whether this comes across in the finished product is not for me to say.
Betty RECYCLED (2005 ish) was one of my best early works.  I recorded/mixed it in a single afternoon, in my south london flat, using many of my (mostly unreleased) previous tapes layred and processed (recycled), played at different speeds etc.  Also, and most interestingly for me, are documents of early 'live' performances, played in my front room for the amusement/bemusement of friends and housemates and crudely recorded to walkman.  It's highly emotional, physical noise music; a desperate desire to express myself combined with the arrogance/solipcism of youth, my sense that this stuff needed to be released and heard.  Playing this again now reminds me of this sense that I wish I still had; the excitement, the release.  The joy.
I have several copies of Betty RECYCLED tape for sale or trade.  2 UK, 3 WORLD.  It is, of course, available indefinitely from
Everything else I have is also still available, see 'catalogue'.


Catalogue has been updated.  Aforementioned special boxset Betty - The Crowd is Untruth (CDr + C90 + polaroid) is available here, 7 (GBP) UK / 8.50 (GBP) abroad.  This special release represents the pinacle of this project so far as I'm concerned and is limited, so please don't hang about if you're interested!

I'm working on a couple of very special new projects that I don't want to announce just yet, suffice to say that 2011 should be an interesting/exciting year for me and BTR.


BETTY is making a rare live appearance on Oct 16th 2010 at the Transient Constellations All-dayer, the Windmill, Brixton, London. Great lineup of noise/gabber/grind and also 10th anniversary celebrations for Cementimental. I am producing a special limited release for the occasion called 'the crowd is untruth': ~70min CDr, 90 minute cassette and unique polaroid photograph, packaged in A5 artwork in an edition of 10 numbered copies. This will be available from me on the night for 6 each. Any remaining will be sold here.

New releases:

BT037 Jungfrau unter Kannibalen / Macumba Sexual - split C90
- Jess Franco themed noise, moaning, tribal drums and strangeness.

BT038 Lucy - C20
- recorded in the winter of discontent. Bleak, depressing, hopeless.

BT039 Bullfinch - fallen C40
- nasty and oppressive atmospheric drone/buzz. Not relaxing.

BT040 Betty - speak on CDr
- recorded over 2007-2009, harsh and vulgar noise.

BT041 Betty - Happiness C60
- new recordings from summer 2009, not so harsh but very odd/eccentric.

Catalogue has now been updated, couple of older releases have gone OOP.  All tapes/CDr are 2.00 in the UK / 3.00 abroad (GBP) - please enquire about possible trades.  I had to remove the Paypal links, please just e-mail what you want and send money to the same address: readcharles [at] hotmail [dot] com



Just a quick one, the catalogue and distro have been pruned, so all those displayed are available NOW!  Some are running low, some less so, I'll let you guess which ones.  Same low prices but trades are welcome - e-mail for my address.

I'm still accepting submissions for the afore-mentioned compilation, which will be on lovely pro-pressed CDr this time.  Noise impressions!  Much interest was shown but only a handful actually submitted tracks worthy of their heroes.  Please let me know if you're interested in submitting, or you're still working on your masterpiece... - thanks.

Anybody living in or near Bristol, please let me know what's interesting and noisy around this town!  I've lived here for nine months and only been to a handful of gigs, one of which was the ballet.  readcharles [at] hotmail [dot] com


Deadline for the aforementioned comp has been extended, due to only receiving six or so tracks worthy of a place on it!  So come on, get your arse in gear and send me your best noise impression:


p.s. Remaining outstanding orders go out end of this week.



My activities have been on hold for a while due to various things, financial issues etc.  I'm back again and expect more activity starting in the new year - couple of exciting things on the horizon, watch this space etc.  My apologies to a couple of people who have had to wait too long for their tapes - you will be rewarded with freebies for your patience!  All releases from catalogue/distro are currently available but expect to wait until early January for them to be sent out.

I am also currently accepting submissions for a FAKE compilation I am working on.  Send me a track pretending to be your favourite "famous" noise artist.  Only the most convincing will be included!  Release will be on CDR and participants get 2 free copies each plus my blessing to copy/upload/ share/remix etc. as they wish.  Just to clarify: you won't get your band name or contact details on the packaging, just the NOIZE HEROEZ that you are pretending to be!  I need about 6-8 more tracks and this is done, deadline = February 08. 

E-MAIL FOR MY NEW POSTAL ADDRESS!!  I NOW LIVE IN BRISTOL!!    readcharles [AT] hotmail [DOT] com

New (ish) release on Underground Pollution Records - Betty/Cementimental split C90 can be ordered from me also, 2 UK/ 3 abroad.

Have a lovely Christmas xxxx 


Updated catalogue and distro sections.  Links in the process of being sorted & checked.

The CDr 'Betty - Power Acoustics' is now sold out.  50 copies were made in total.


I couldnt be bothered with that yahoo group thing any more, so if you want to receive (very occasional) BTR updates e-mail me and tell me so.

readcharles [AT] hotmail [DOT] com


Latest news from BTHQ:

BT028 BBBlood/Solblomma split C20 now available, sorry about the delay.  Baron Bum Blood makes harsh feedback/experimental noise insanity from London, UK and Solblomma is similar, only Swedish.

BT030 Ynstigator at all cost C40.  Great new US harsh noise, raw dirty and uncompromising just as you like it recommended.

BT031 Ynstigator/Betty split C20.

BT034 Ynstigator incinerator C90.  Ninety minutes of filthy dirty harshness.  Ninety!

Artist copies of them are going out next time I go to the Post Office (soon!)

More coming soon like Somukenai from Japan, ophibre from somewhere else and Betty from bog-brain Devon, other stuff in planning stages.  I had a little rest but Im back in action, yeah!!  Im be bringing my Scrumpy-noise to LA this summer, which should be interesting (watch this space).

Some early tapes are almost sold out.  You can probably guess which ones.

All tapes 2 UK / 3 abroad, or TRADE (e-mail first!)


Added to distro: Betty 'Steak' CDr on Luggage Records.  'BT Recordings very own king of cassettes makes a rare CDR appearence in Steak.  Fantastic lofi tape recorded harsh noise.  Very primitive, very base, very effective.  Radios/samples/who knows what all come into play over these 7 murky untitled tracks.  Colour pictures of bronzed gods grace the front and back, all printed on strong card for that added durability.  Enjoy...'  2 UK / 3 abroad or TRADE.  I only got a few copies of this.

- C

Updated site - nice paypal buttons makes giving me money easier!  Discography link will eventually obsessively list everything I've ever done/touched.
Also some new stuff: Betty - power acoustics is my first CDr release, though the sound is dirty and analogue like you love.  Live 2/5/06 is a live recording featuring Made Out Of Wool, Gland, Terminal Outputs, Family Battle Snake, Cementimental and The Digitariat.  It came out quite nicely.
Also in distro: Betty tape on T.C.A.T. called Methil Docks - part of the C20 series and wrapped in paper.
Soon: more Ynstigator, BBBlood etc.
Thanks to all the people who traded/sold/gave me stuff at No Trend the other night(s).  I'll check it out now my ears have recovered.

New releases:

BT032  Gland/Betty - split
[C40.  Harsh noise insanity from Gland, of Luggage Records, and the usual rubbish from Betty.]

BT029 Mind Your Head
[C60.  Extracts from a live collaboration between Cementimental, Gland, Betty, Ron Briefel and some others in the 'Plug & Play' room of Wormhole Saloon III at the Whitechapel Gallery, London.  Sometimes harsh, sometimes arty and weird.]

More to come, 'spose I'd better asked permission from the artists before releasing it though.  Also, BBBlood and Ynstigator owe me artwork, hop to it boys!  Then we'll have even more stuff out.
p.s. Can the people who owe me tapes please send them?  Or at least e-mail me letting me know when I can expect them?  Come on, you know who you are.

Added some pretty pictures, new distro items, etc.
Coming soon: BBBlood, Betty, Gland, Ynstigator, some live recordings, etc.

Guns n Horses venue has changed!
The other place lost its music licence, apparently.
it's now Bardon's Boudoir, Stoke Newington Road and starts at 7pm.
3 entry incl. T shirt & CD wow what great value etc.
(The CD features an exclusive Betty track, woooooo...)
These people are playing:

I'm also playing live at Notting Hill Arts Club on the afternoon of 5th August,
supporting Naomi (, who's come
all the way from America, and others.  It's from 4-8pm.

Betty is scheduled to play at the next Guns n Horses event in London (30th July)
Details are here:
it's at Ryan's Bar, Church St, Stoke Newington and starts at 7pm.
2 entry incl. T shirt & CD wow what great value etc. A few other
people are playing too, but I haven't heard of them.

My address has changed yet again & I'm now living in Devon. E-mail if
you wanna send me something. Or I owe you something. Almost up to
date with orders now....

One more thing - half an hour of recordings from the Wormhole Saloon
III plug & play session 23/6/06 has been uploaded here:

Present were Dr. Age of Cementimental, Gland, Ron
Briefel and myself (Betty), along with a few other
people here and there. A 'dirtier' cassette recording
of the event, twice the length of this version, will
be released on BTR soon.



I have just finished some exams so am free to do some serious noise for the next month or two.  If you want me to do you a release or trade with you etc. now would be a very good time.

ALSO, and more importantly, Betty would LOVE to play live sometime soon either around London or anywhere in Britain I can get to on a cheap bus.  Money is not a problem so long as I have somewhere to crash, couple of quid towards transport appreciated if poss.  I'm fairly new to this live thing so if anyone has contacts or knows of anything going on please let me know so I can email and beg etc.  I'm a bit behind with orders but that will be sorted by the end of this week (nothing better to do).  So buy buy buy! (and trade)

New release: BT027  The Digitariat - Song of Independence C60.  Varied tape of noise with bleak content, occasional vocals and theme of social inclusion/exclusion.

Coming soon: tapes by BBBlood, ....


The Comando Bruno tape is out and ready to order.  'Pass the Doughnut-shaped Cushion Alice' is not yet available to order until I have sent out free artist copies - sorry for the long delay, my arse is officially in gear as of right now so they should be arriving in your homes next couple of weeks.  Anyone else with trades pending with me, might be best to email although I have several being sent off this week.

Meanwhile, the mighty 'Bullfinch' appear on the power electronics comp 'Strangers in the Night' C10 on Disco Nihil, released 12th April 2006.  It has 1 minute tracks from 10 different artists.  I didn't think it would come out so stole his idea... (sorry)  it's 3eu Europe / 5eu World and can be ordered at

Betty is busy recording sounds for her upcoming Monopolka tape.  Sounds nice so far.


Right, the final line up for the compilation C60 'Pass the Doughnut-shaped Cushion, Alice', featuring 1 minute tracks from each artist, is as follows:

Side A: Scordatura, 200 Graves, Storm Surge, BBBlood, IDX1274, Moon, Meltzer, Nursing Home, Tin.RP, Traktorman, Murderer & Cheese, Another Enough Chairs, Fecalove, nxfxtxex, Xdugef, Process R245, Vivi C. Diem, Knife Power, Oubliette, Locust Sympathizer, J.M.Ginsberg, Krabatof Philharmonic Orchestra, xedh, Anotole Stretch, Azoikum, Cementimental, DBS, Cock ESP.

Side B: Betty, Cheap Machines, Circle 6, Ironing, Domen Sniper, +Dog+, Lgamble, Sleeping Police, The Digitariat, Filthy Turd, Mutant Ape, Nightronics, Wander, Droopy Septum, Noisewerrrrk, Okamasan, Rabbit Girls, Smunt, Torturing Nurse, The Seven Arts, Cryptic Weevil, Praying For Oblivion, Radiocore Blowjob, Emerson Murray, 8-Bit Porno, Bruit Blanc, Wilt, Idiosyncrasia.

n.b. a couple of people I told had made the comp but then had to reject for reasons of space - my apologies.  If your name appears up there, e-mail me for your free copy!  I don't have most of your addresses.


Submissions for the minute comp are now closed.  I'll be posting the final line-up shortly.  Also, my postal address has CHANGED!!!!  Email me if you need it.

Thanks to everyone who saw my somewhat brief set at the Fenton, Leeds the other night.  I enjoyed myself anyway.  I recorded several of the sets at No Trend noisefest, London and will be releasing at least Filthy Turd, Monopolka and Kylie Minoise sets on my label.

Meanwhile, here is the latest batch of tapes:

BT018 Andrew Octopus - Imaginary DJ, Real Listeners
[C90.  Paranoid lo-fi cut-up beats, spoken word & weirdness]

BT020 Comando Bruno - bioelectrical rectal alarm (part I)
[C20. Coming soon]

BT021 Betty/Nova-sak - split
[C60.  Joint release with Swamp of Pus (USA)]

BT022 Damno Te - 27KM Below
[C40.  Harsh US noise, high pitched feedback with samples of loony preachers]

BT023 Betty - Keep Britain Tidy
[Anti-7".  Collage/art-object, sounds quite good on a turntable too.  Picture coming soon.  Limited to 1!!  50p UK/1.00 overseas]

BT024 V/A - Pass the doughnut-shaped cushion, Alice
[C60.  50+ artists contribute 1 minute tracks ... coming soon]

BT025 Betty - Primeval
[C60.  harsh noise]

BT003 FAMD/Betty is now SOLD OUT.  40 copies were made in total.



BTR (England) is looking for submissions for a noise compilation cassette. Tracks submitted should be 1min long (exactly!) Other than that no restrictions, any style, harshness etc. ok. I would like to cram as many artists as possible onto one tape!
Tracks can be sent by e-mail, (wav format please), or post CDr or tape (e-mail me first and I'll give you my address). Featured artists all get a free copy.


p.s. Tim Drage has put up a noise video 'milkman pig be less rude' on Google Video:

the noise is edited from his tape on BTR, 'Affordable Zone Spawn' (BT008).


Betty s/t is now sold out.  Added to distro: New Betty bcdr on Knife in the Toaster (Canada):
- few copies available from me.

Couple more tapes added:

[C20.  Aggressive, varied and powerful noise.  Adorned with an image of my beautiful face.  Lovely.]

BT019 Mlehst - OhUaithnin hEoghanain
[C60.  Cold and dark electronics, 1992-2005, from this newly-reformed english project.]

coming very soon: tapes by Andrew Octopus, Comando Bruno, Damno Te, Betty/Nova-sak (split).



For e-mail updates please check out my yahoo group at:

btw you can also by BTR tapes from eg
Structural Suffering Records (Belgium)
Suggestion Records (Germany)
Apop Records (USA)
- though since you're here you may as well order them from me.


Adding scans of tapes to catalogue, will be uploading my collection of links here soon.

BETTY tracks are also available on the Preg Scala comp tape on Kinetic Sleeze:                                                                                                            and a solo cassette (C60) on Smell the Stench, Australia:                                                                                                                       many other comp appearances and solo releases are pending (at least in theory).


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